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Considering Tracy McGrady’s laundry list of injury issues, anytime he dunks over a person with shot-blocking ability, it’s newsworthy. Just ask Tyrus Thomas. The dunk occurred during Houston’s relative beatdown of Chicago. Does the sight of Yao and McGrady on the court together put an end to those “Yao isn’t happy” rumors? As long as the Rockets keep winning, signs point to “yes.” As for McGrady, he’s just happy he can still do things like dunking over players:

“I really had to prove to myself that I was able to do that again,” McGrady said. “I waited for a long time coming back off that knee surgery. It was a great situation knowing that somebody actually challenged the dunk, not just going up uncontested. It was challenged and I felt pretty good.”

Now let’s see if McGrady can provide another essential for a team hoping for a deep playoff run — consistently healthy play. If he can do that, videos like the one above could become commonplace again. Bonus: I enjoyed the hell out of McGrady’s punctuating stare.