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Tony Allen

While the current edition of the Boston Celtics continues to resemble the 2008 version, the play off the bench has a great deal to do with said resurgence. Names like Glen Davis, Rasheed Wallace, and Tony Allen have all been significant contributors for the Celtics surprising playoff run. While Wallace and Davis are doing the dirty work, defending folks like Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal, Allen has been the Celtics most (only?) reliable perimeter substitute.

Not only is Allen a much-needed spark plug, he’s also a key contributor to the Celtics highlight reels. Put it this way, if the Celtics go on to win the 2010 NBA Championship, the celebration DVD will feature a number of Tony Allen’s plays. Like the following:

Granted, it’s entirely too early to look as far ahead to things like NBA Championships. Hell, the Conference Finals just started. Nevertheless, if the Celtics continue to get this kind of production from all of their reserves, not just Allen, they are going to be a hard out for any of the remaining teams.