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This is what happens when you mix an acoustic guitar playing comedian, Mike Polk, and disenfranchised city, mourning the loss of their best athlete since Jim Brown: You get songs like “LeBron James Is A Bitch,” something I’m sure will result in Polk’s name being added to LeBron’s list.

Are we at the point where we can tell Cavaliers LeBron fans in Cleveland to just let it go, or do they have to suffer from what looks like one of the worst seasons by an NBA team ever — Seriously, does this roster look like one that can win 10 games next season? — before the true healing can begin? Considering the Cavaliers’ luck keeping players, I’m not entirely sure winning the next NBA Draft lottery would salve their wounds.

Maybe Dan Gilbert can interject his team into the Carmelo Anthony stakes. Oh, wait.

I can only hope the hate Cleveland residents feel for James keeps them warm during what is looking like a long, hard, cold winter.

H/t to 64 And Counting for the video.