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In honor of the Jordan XX3 commercial that came out this past weekend—just in time for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend celebration—we’ve decided to countdown the best Air Jordan commercials; a job made considerably easier thanks to the Air Jordan Commercial List from the NikeTalk forum.

Is It The Shoes? - circa 1990

The best of the Mars Blackmon commercials. Bonus: “Do you know, do you know, do you know” became big part of the daily lexicon back in the day. It even superseded Nike’s “Just Do It” motto.

Rockababy - circa 1987

My personal favorite. The beatbox and the dunk go so well together.

9000 Shots - circa 1997

Pat Riley once said he thought this was the best Air Jordan commercial ever. He’s close. Again, this is another look into what makes Mike Mike and it’s damn effective. Even with all those missed shots he discusses, he’d still be overall pick to take a last shot on my team. At any time.

Fake Retirement - circa 1993

This is just an awesome look at Air’s first stint away from the game and his foray into Minor League Baseball. Even Jordan had fun with it, calling himself a “weak hitting outfielder,” and making fun of his $16 a day per diem—an allowance I’m sure he needed.

Respect - circa 2001

Michael Jordan + Mos Def + Nike’s production money = classic. Of course, it helps that Mos’ song is so very awesome and it’s being used to describe the best basketball player in the world… well, that and his then fledgling Jumpman brand. What would you do if Air Jordan came walking into your neighborhood gym to play pick-up?

That’s what I thought. Here’s the full music video version if you are so inclined.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some of the ones that could’ve made our above Top 5, but didn’t.

Overjoyed - circa 2000

Stevie Wonder and Michael Jordan. Sounds like a winner to me.

Banned - circa 1985

This gem is from Jordan’s rookie year when he still had some hair on his head. I wonder if the NBA would ban his shoes now? Yeah, right.