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NBA Finals

Apparently, everyone in Hollywood and the entertainment industry are fans of the Los Angeles Lakers — that or they have lots of money to blow on court-side seats and know they’ll be seen by all the world. I mean, what else can explain Hillary Duff on the floor of an NBA Finals game? Judging by her “hey look, someone put the orange ball through that net thingie” clapping style, I’d say her exposure to the world of professional athletics is limited to her one-on-one time with Mike Comrie of the New York Islanders.

Anyway, back to the point at hand, the Staples Center was full of A-Listers like Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Kanye West, Vanessa Minnillo and of course, Jack Nicholson (and his attractive daughter). There were also sightings of Floyd Mayweather (with the Duff party), Fergie, Donnie Whalberg, Anthony Kiedis and Spike Lee. Of course, Spike has no problem letting you know who he’s voting for in November either.

Here’s a nifty little gallery, courtesy of Noel Vasquez and Jed Jacobsohn of Getty Images.

Jack and Daughter Vanessa Minnillo Hillary Duff

Kanye and Fergie Anthony Kiedis Spike Lee
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Apparently, Lakers games are THE A-List thing to do when you are in LA — at least when they are in the Playoffs