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Green Spurs

I guess the Celtics victory over LA resonated much more than we could possibly imagine. To wit, the fallout has been so quick and strong, even perennial winners like the Spurs are considering changing their team colors to match the current NBA World Champion.

Wait, what? Oh, that’s not what you meant by going green. Let’s try this again.

According to a report in MySA.com, the Spurs will be using “green” energy to power their arena next season. I guess that means they’ll have Kevin Garnett strapped to an exercise bike, Lance Armstrong/ESPN-style. Or not.

OK, all joking aside, here are the details:

Bexar County, which owns the AT&T Center, and Spurs Sports and Entertainment, which maintains and operates the facility, will announce today that as of June 1, it became CPS Energy’s top commercial buyer of wind energy under the city-owned utility’s Windtricity program.

I, for one, welcome our new environmentally-friendly San Antonio Spurs. Of course, we also have something to blame if the Spurs don’t perform up to expectations in their newly-powered arena:

The wind.