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Kevin Garnett

OK, time for a quick house-cleaning segment: when I said the Lakers would win in six over at With Malice, obviously I made a typo. I must have meant Boston but it just came out as LA. Yeah, we’ll say that. ;)

Anyway, besides bringing another title to Beantown and besides adding Paul Pierce to the list of all-time great Boston Celtics players, it also served as some redemption for Kevin Garnett. Not only was the Big Ticket maligned for his play in Game 5 (and the rest of the playoff games where he didn’t put 26 and 14 on the board), he was also getting the point of joining players like Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton and Charles Barkley — great NBA players who never won a championship.

No longer.

Kevin Garnett is now a card-carrying member of the NBA Greats pantheon and the NBA Championship served as his final test before he received admittance.

Whether it was with plays like this:

Or by being the emotional leader of his team — as evidenced here:

Kevin Garnett deserves the accolades he’ll now receive and he deserves to be mentioned with the NBA’s all-time greatest players. Welcome to the club, Kevin. Enjoy your stay.