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You know how a picture paints a thousand words? Well, sometimes in sports, one play can serve as a microcosm for the season to date. A great defensive play, followed by a nasty dunk or a timely basket can easily be such a reminder, but what happens if you are the receiving end of such a play? That can be used to sum up your efforts, as well.

Just ask the winless New Jersey Nets.

If, perhaps, you are wondering how and why a team can be so ineffective (I.E., bad), just watch the lead video. Three missed layups and one lazy pass later, Milwaukee Bucks rookie sensation Brandon Jennings collects a steal, explodes between the Nets he just stole it from, races down the court and finishes with a two-handed dunk.

That, friends, is ineffective basketball at its finest. 0-12 records don’t grow on trees. You have to work at being this bad, and poor efforts like the one I just described go a long way towards a team being winless almost a month into the season.