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One of the greatest attributes of all great NBA players is the ability to make their teammates better. Be it with nice passes, strong floor leadership, or just plain drawing the attention of opposing defenses, the truly great NBA players are also the primary facilitators of their team’s success. The following video is a perfect example of these skills, on a just about all-in-one scale.

While everyone was focused on the pass — rightfully so — what stood out to me is how the defense reacts to Kobe when he has the ball and is in attack mode. With his nifty dribbling exhibition, Kobe draws the attention of three defenders, leaving his main target, Pau Gasol, WIDE OPEN to finish any pass he might receive.

Of course, with his typical flair, Kobe delivers a wrap-around pass that allows Gasol to dunk the ball while further demonstrating the ineptitude of Utah’s defense in the series thus far.