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LeBron James makes a “Defensive Player of the Year” kind of living chasing fast-breaking players down and swatting their weak layup offerings into the middle of next. Well, during last night’s epic duel between James and Carmelo Anthony, Melo displayed a pretty surefire method in avoiding such nonsense: By dunking the hell out of ball when you see LeBron catching up to you from behind.

And hey, it worked. Food for thought: Denver beat Cleveland by two points in overtime. Now imagine if LeBron blocks Melo’s shot. Does that mean double-overtime would’ve been warranted? Good thing for Denver fans Anthony didn’t leave it up to chance.

Oh, and that jump shot Anthony hit to give Denver the win was simply dirty.

Melo FTW!

In this case, I prefer the still-image to the video. Fantastic freeze-frame.