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There’s one thing I’ve learned watching this year’s NBA Playoffs: the league is quick to rescind a technical foul if… well, I’ll let you conspiracy buffs work out those details. Off the top of my head, there are two players in the Western Conference Finals who’ve had black marks removed from their ledger — Kenyon Martin and Kobe Bryant. With that in mind, should Dwight Howard have his sixth technical foul taken away or should it stay on his record? As you can see in the lead video, after scoring a tough bucket with Anderson Varejao hanging on him, Howard gets a little emotional and reminds Varejao of what just happened, leading to a technical for taunting.

Was this an overreaction by the officials or did Howard’s outburst warrant that type of punishment? Considering the NBA is a league of stars, it wouldn’t be surprising if Howard’s sixth — a suspension follows a seventh technical — was removed. However, if the league is really in on a “We want Kobe and LeBron in the Finals,” conspiracy, it could very well stay.

Surprisingly, my father — who is a lot more learned about the sport than Bill Simmons’ dad — has actually entertained the Kobe/LeBron theory, so I know where he’s leaning. I will say this, it’s a little hypocritical for a league that has used this Michael Jordan highlight in previous marketing schemes to keep Howard’s black mark on the ledger.

Then again, if Howard doesn’t mug at Varejao, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.