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Deport Kobe

Arizona’s controversial immigration law has been the subject of much discussion for in-state residents, so much so, in fact, it’s even made an impression on the Suns/Lakers Conference Finals. Whether it’s the Suns wearing their “Los Suns” jerseys or the multitude of signs you’ll see during the game, like it or not, this particular series has a political undertone to it. And that, friends, is where some creative Suns fans come into play.

I found this little gem on Craigslist, a sticker in the form of Arizona state, saying simply “Deport Kobe.” While the Craigslist item looks like a cash grab capitalizing on a trend, the “Deport Kobe” meme was seen on various signs behind the Inside the NBA crew during last night’s post-game show.

Obviously, Suns fans know their chances of advancing to the NBA Finals are a great deal better without Kobe Bryant roaming the opposing sidelines, but then again, the Suns did just fine last night, surviving Bryant’s 38-point (including 6-9 from behind the arc) 7-rebound, 10-assist performance.