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Von Wafer

While the Houston Rockets continued the Boston Celtics slide last night, not all went as well as hoped, especially for one Von Wafer. Wafer was deadly from beyond the arc against the Celtics, hitting four of six. Perhaps, however, the Houston guard should keep his game on the perimeter because when he decides to attack the rim, bad things can happen. Like so:

When I first saw the highlight, I thought he had flushed the ball. No sir. Wafer’s dunk attempt was stuffed by the rim. Nevertheless, the Celtics still lost another game–six of their last eight–and now, some of the fans are starting to worry, going as far to even–*gasp*–question the decision-making of head coach Doc Rivers.

Although, not wanting Ray Allen to play lots of minutes every night is a reasonable request.

The real question is, when are the Celtics that won the Championship last year and started out with that incredible 19-straight winning streak to begin the season going to return? Furthermore, can they make Rondo an effective point guard again now that opponents are taking away his ability to get into the paint?

Welcome to the dog days of the NBA season, Celtics. Don’t wallow too long or the Cavaliers will wind up with the best record in the East, and I don’t think you want to have to go through LeBron when he has home court advantage in your efforts to repeat.