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Steve Nash

Steve Nash is, simply put, made out of different material than you and me. Much like Wolverine, perhaps Nash has adamantium implants, or he’s just a tough S.O.B. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter if you crack his nose open, smash his eye, or, if making him bleed isn’t enough, finish the job by breaking his nose, Steve Nash and his Energizer Bunny-like perseverance will continue on. Not only will he continue to play, Nash will also burn your team to the tune of 17 points and 15 assists, all while committing only one turnover.

He’ll also put his nose back in place without even leaving the floor as well.

Oh, and Nash will put his team in a position to win — facial injury or not — something that looked doubtful the during first two games of the Lakers series.

Are the Suns legitimately back in the series? Obviously, Game 4 will tell the tale, but as long as Nash continues to produce like a league MVP and Amare’ Stoudemire continues to play like he can score at will over Pau Gasol, the Suns have a chance to make the Western Conference Finals much more interesting than the Boston/Orlando series.

Another thing that didn’t hurt the Suns cause: Los Angeles’ absolutely horrible shooting performance from behind the 3-point line (9-32). Granted, Phoenix’s zone had a lot to do with that, but then again, there are other ways to beat a zone besides settling for outside bombs.