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Richard Jefferson

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy professional basketball without all that San Antonio boredom, guess what? The Spurs have heard your complaints and have responded with a hearty, “We don’t care. We are improving our team to make another title run (or two) and you just have to deal with our ‘boring’ style of play.” This particular announcement was made when the Spurs acquired Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for every expiring contract they had, apparently. While the move does leave the San Antonio front line a little sparse, the move immediately improves the talent level of the starters.

Richard Jefferson

Pounding the Rock provides more insight on the big trade:

Up front, we need some help. Right now, our front line looks like Tim, Matt, Ian. Phew!!! That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Jefferson trade should put us OVER the luxury tax threshold for next season. My preliminary calculations have us at $69.5 million without Finley picking up his option and with only 8 roster spots filled.

Either the Spurs have decided to spend some money, we have more moves in the works, or we are playing small ball. Really small.

They go on to suggest the signing of Rasheed Wallace, which would put them even further over the luxury tax limit. If that’s the case, why not go after Lamar Odom or Shawn Marion? If you are going to put the franchise money on the line to win a ring or two, go all out.