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But hey, as long as it helps your team continue a game-winning comeback, whatever works. As pointed out by Ethan, Kevin Garnett, while being an all-world defender last night, decided he’d share some of his emotion with Raptors guard, Jose Calderon; and so, Garnett began guarding Calderon while he was bringing the ball up the court. During the defensive assignment, KG essentially hounded Calderon with good man-to-man defense, verbal abuse and a finger wave or two.

While the Raptors fans were pretty pissed by Garnett’s behavior, the consensus is, it’s this type of intensity that makes KG so great.

Here’s the video:

Did I say something about Raptor fans not liking Garnett’s display? Well, they didn’t. Some were mad at losing to the defending United State Champs, which was ever so eloquently relayed with this two-word utterance: “f*ck everything.” I would think it’s a little early to be throwing in the towel like that, but like they say, basketball is life.

Other reactions to the Garnett/Calderon jawfest included this little gem:

I almost forgot … f*ck KG. He was an idiot, acting like a monkey!

Apparently, change is needed in Toronto, too.