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Dwight Howard Sticker

It’s a must-win for Orlando tonight and one of the storylines to watch is how many shots will Dwight Howard get against Boston tonight? Will folks like Rafer Alston out-shoot him again or will Orlando run their offense through their franchise player? By now, most have heard about Howard criticizing his coach for not putting the Magic in the best position to win. Naturally, such revelations — especially during the Playoffs — put Orlando in an uncomfortable position, much like imminent death syndrome. When the franchise player publicly criticizes his coach in the middle of a heated playoff battle, it’s hard to have confidence his team will be able to bounce back from a heartbreaking loss.

Even if the coach and the player “make up.”

Furthermore, some folks think the apology is actually worse and jeopardizes the team’s chances. The thinking is they’d rather see mad Dwight than the “I’m sorry” Dwight.

With all of this in mind, how many shots will Howard get tonight?

Will the Magic make a concerted effort to get him the ball in a position to do something with it? Conversely, does Howard have the post moves to reward those that pass him the ball? To date, the most Howard has shoot the ball in the Playoffs is 16 times, and that was against Philadelphia. Can he exceed that against Boston? Will he get the touches to do so? If not and the Magic lose, did they choke or get beat by the better team?

So many questions, but thank goodness we don’t have to wait that long to find out the answers — although, here’s one that’s standing out more and more, even if the Magic can throw the ball to Howard, should they?