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Shaquille O’Neal spends a whole lot of money each month on various expenses which were detailed by the television show, EXTRA (extra, extra, extra) as they cover O’Neal’s divorce from his wife, Shaunie.  The figures that came out were pretty mind-blowing:

- $22000 a month for maid services
- $17000 monthly clothing expenditure
- $23000 a month on gasoline.  That’s about 6000 gallons of gas a month or 200 a day.
- $1500 a month on cable TV (that’s a lot of television)

Words fail me.  I understand he has a lot of vehicles to maintain but 200 gallons of gas a day??????  Does he handle the travel responsibilities for the entire Heat organization during away games?  Has the word, “hybrid” ever entered the Big Aristotle’s mind?  Apparently not.

Most modern vehicles can usually get you anywhere from 200 to 400 miles a tank.  So what the hell is he doing that’s causing him to use so much fuel?  With all that TV watching, how do you have time to use 200 gallons of gas a day?

(H-t to SbB)