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Russell Westbrook

While the USA’s big win over Russia will be remembered for Kevin Durant’s 33-point outburst, without the “Russell Westbrook Run,” who knows what the final score would’ve been. During the third quarter, Westbrook powered 15-5 run, scoring seven of those points in about two minutes of actual game-clock time. Westbrook provided two breakaway dunks, courtesy of his disruption of the Russian offense with deflections that led to steals.

The dunks were a nifty bookend to a quick-but-decisive individual scoring explosion that featured a timely (and surprising) Westbrook 3-pointer. The phrase “all over the court” is an apt description of Westbrook’s play during that important run.

There are clips of Westbrook’s play, of course, only this time, they’re embedded within the NBA’s highlight reel of the game:

The rest of the reel is worth watching, if, for nothing else, to see some of the bombs Durant was dropping.

As for Westbrook, not only did he spark a crucial Team USA run, he also started the fourth quarter converting a 3-point play, courtesy of a nice fast break, led by Rudy Gay. While it’s true Durant did the bulk of the heavy lifting scoring, Westbrook’s contribution was just as important to Team USA’s huge win, one that vaulted them to “final four” of the FIBA World Championship.

Their next opponent is Lithuania, and if Westbrook provides the same kind of off-the-bench punch, you have to like Team USA’s chances of advancing to the final game.