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Russell Westbrook

Citing that he doesn’t believe he’s an acrobatic dunker, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has decided to not participate in the upcoming Slam Dunk Contest when the NBA’s All Star festivities kick off on the weekend of February 20th. While the news has been accepted with some degree of personal sadness — blame my self-admitted man-crush on the OKC guard — it’s easy to understand Westbrook’s decision. He’s a power dunker who will mash it in your face during a game, but he doesn’t break out double windmills in the process.

In light of Westbrook’s decision, I figured this post would be a great place to feature a tribute to the kinds of dunks we’ll be missing out on:

Damn, Shane. Just, damn.

Don’t steal the ball from Westbrook unless you’re willing to pay for your mistake.

Did you say “steal?”

Emeka can get some, too.

He’ll dunk on Lamar Odom, too.

A top-ten list is always good, but the people who made it might want to edit it to include the Battier dunk. One more thing, Russell can dunk like beast in video games, too:

Allow this post to be the salve to the wound left behind from the news of Westbrook not participating in the Dunk Contest, because that’s what I’m doing.