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With the NBA All-Star game getting closer, it’s time to start planning for its stand-out event, the dunk contest. While they are still trying to find a satisfactory format for presenting their high-fliers (it seems they change it yearly), one contestant is taking this year’s idea of using fan votes to decide the winner and is engaging these fans on a medium they are familiar with: YouTube.

Memphis Grizzlies swing man Rudy Gay is, via YouTube, asking fans to upload a video of their best dunk and he’ll pick one to replicate in the dunk contest on Saturday, February 16th.

Now, I’m not sure what those of us who can’t dunk are supposed to do—maybe Fisher-Price or Nerf can help—but if you are interested in finding out more, go here.

This topic does bring up a good question, though: If you could do any dunk (or see one performed), what would it be? For me, the day I see a 720 dunk from free-throw line, I’m done.