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Now, I’m not doubting the fact it hurts when you get knocked to the hardwood during a basketball game, especially when you are running at full speed, followed by a jump towards the rim. If something should happen during your flight and you get knocked out of the air, I know it hurts. But is it as bad as Rudy Fernandez acted when Trevor Ariza made contact with his head, causing Fernandez to land awkwardly?

Below is the video of the incident — all eight minutes of it — and to me, it doesn’t look like Ariza was trying to be dirty or even flagrant. He made a play on the ball and missed. Fernandez’ reaction was a little surprising. I guess I didn’t expect the play to hurt him as badly as it apparently did.

I’m guessing the stretcher and the neck brace were for precautionary measures because it doesn’t even look like Fernandez’ head makes contact with the floor, although, there was a whip-like reaction. According to Oregon Live, Fernandez has a soft tissue injury to his chest and side area. X-rays and CT scans were negative.

In other news, the Blazers absolutely smashed the Lakers, winning 111-94. That’s not a bad statement to make for a young team fighting for strong seed in the upcoming NBA playoffs.