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Rajon and LeBron

While Rajon Rondo’s freeze of LeBron James last night wasn’t as severe as the breakaway behind-the-back pass, it was much more sublime and it also happened in a half-court set, instead of fast break; making it the more superior move, at least to me. Yes, the Tony Allen pass was more flashy, but the move I’m talking about was just as deadly. Anytime you make a move that allows you to split two defenders — one of them being LeBron James — and gives you a clear path to a layup, I’m just as, if not more impressed.

Again, the play I’m referring to happened in a half-court set, making the degree of difficulty that much more; especially when you consider just how much attention Rondo was getting from Cavaliers defenders.

While Rondo didn’t have a repeat of the stat-stuffer performance from Game 4, he controlled the pace of the game, finding his teammates in effective scoring positions, again and again. Of course, the 12-point third quarter, which came after a first half where Rondo didn’t score, didn’t hurt matters for the Celtics either.

As for the Cavaliers, are they done or is LeBron simply sandbagging? For the life of me, I honestly don’t know the answer here. Rarely do you see a player of LeBron’s stature play so poorly in such an important game.