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Rajon Rondo

Before Game 6 tipped off last night, there was a good deal of stuff being said about Rajon Rondo. Some thought his play was hurting the Celtics and were beginning to wonder whether or not Eddie House should be getting a larger portion of Rondo’s clock. These thoughts were perfectly echoed in an article written by Mike Freeman over at CBS Sportsline. To wit:

Rondo is playing horribly now. So bad it might be time for coach Doc Rivers to strongly consider reducing his minutes in favor of backup Eddie House. While House doesn’t possess the pure talent and athletic skills that Rondo does, he’s more consistent and a better outside shooter.

So how did Rondo respond in Game 6? Like a house on fire. His stat line — 20 points, eight assists, seven rebounds and six steals. If I’m not mistaken, that right there is the very definition of silencing your detractors. Rondo’s play last night, especially on the defensive end, helped set the tone for Boston’s series-clinching victory. Now granted, it’s highly doubtful Rajon will become a Steve Nash type of outside shooter, but he has showed major improvement in this area.

Of course, it’s highly doubtful Steve Nash will be able to display the same type of athleticism Rondo shows on a night-in, night-out basis. Not only that, but Rajon now has a ring.

I bet Nash would trade both of his MVP awards for a ring like Rondo’s. In a heartbeat.