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While John Wall’s endorsement contract with Reebok may come as a surprise, seeing how Kentucky was a Nike school, the shoe company already has their first commercial for their John Wall model, powered-by-ZigTech basketball shoe ready to go. Undoubtedly, the advertisement will debut during tonight’s NBA Draft, but thanks to the power of the Internet, the video’s already available.

Reebok’s approach is two-fold: First, they capitalize on the popularity of the John Wall Dance, then they feature an outline of their previous NBA superstar, Allen Iverson, passing the ball, and, metaphorically, the responsibility of being the face of the company, to Wall.

While reaction to the shoe has been mixed, you can bet a ton of Kentucky fans will be lining up to buy their first pair of Reeboks, perhaps ever, all to continue supporting their one-year wonder guard.

H/t to KSR for the find.