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Dwyane Wade and Dequan Cook found their three-point stroke last night — both players hit six apiece — as the Miami Heat tied their series with the Atlanta Hawks at one game all. While Wade’s otherworldly play is getting a lot of attention, rightfully so, it was a group effort that helped the Heat tie the series. The highlight of Wade’s night was banked three-pointer which put the Heat up by double-digits. Oh, and Wade was about three or four feet behind the arc when he launched his rainmaking bank shot — meaning, it was one of those nights for the Heat.

The Hawks were fine when they were allowed to run the floor, but when they had to depend on their half-court offensive execution, they weren’t fine. Not at all. In other news, the Hawks defense was nothing to write home (or a blog post) about either. Atlanta head coach Mike Woodson offered this understatement:

“We didn’t get any stops,” Woodson said. “We were pretty good in Game 1 in running them off the basket. We were not so good this time.”

So now we have a series on our hands. Will Atlanta be able to win a playoff game on the road, something they were unable to do against Boston last season, or do the Heat now have the upper hand?