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Move over, Al Capone. There’s a new bad guy for the city of Chicago to love — or in this case, hate. I’m talking about Rajon Rondo, of course, who, after his Brad Miller face-check, was already thought poorly of in the Windy City. Thanks to a toss of Kirk Hinrich into the scoring table, Rondo’s Chicago “Q rating” has gone from “dislike” to undoubtedly “hate.” In light of this, I’m guessing Derrick Rose’s game-saving block on Rondo will develop a cult-like following among Bulls fans. The question going forward is will the Celtics spark plug be suspended for Game 7? The Hinrich toss was deemed a Flagrant One, meaning Rondo was allowed to remain in the game. Will Stu Jackson and company review this event and alter the ruling?

The review is inevitable, but the outcome is uncertain. Considering Rondo didn’t get tossed on the spot, I doubt a harsher penalty will be levied — save for a potential fine — especially with an absolutely HUGE Game 7 looming.

I could almost hear the cries of “Oh, that’s such BS” coming from the Windy City as I typed that previous stanza.