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Rajon Rondo

If you’ve been watching the NBA Finals, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Rajon Rondo. He’s the Boston Celtics point guard who is more athletic than most players in the league. As a player, he’s one win away from being apart of history with an NBA Championship and apparently, the guard who grew up in Louisville, KY is also an aspiring movie critic.

Rondo has a blog over at Yardbarker and he’s been really good about updating it frequently, especially now that the playoffs have started. However, in one of his latest pieces, “I Just Got Rondo’d,” Rajon shares his thoughts about the movie One Missed Call.

He wasn’t impressed:

Hands down it was the wackest, most horrible, sorry, miserable, lousy, inappropriate, disappointing, pathetic, deplorable, atrocious, awful movie I’ve ever seen in my life. I wanted to call the front desk and ask for my money back. I can not believe that movie was that bad. It definitely made my top 3 worst movies list.

Now that’s how you do a movie review. No BS about mood, tone or camera editing. Instead, Rondo focuses on the most important thing when going to the movies — was I entertained? Obviously, number 9 was not. Personally, I’d like to see this become a regular type of post from Rajon.

Kudos for the brilliant string of adjectives as well. Put that on your movie poster.