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Um, I have to feel badly for Chris Bosh. Not only did the Boston Celtics beat his Toronto Raptors down, but Bosh got dunked on and got a knee to the groin area as a reward for trying to block Paul Pierce’s attempt. Did Pierce purposely try to “rack” Bosh or was it a case of simply trying to give himself some space to finish the dunk, something along the same lines as extending an off-hand to keep the defender away?

There is/was a good discussion over at RealGM.com over this very subject, and while no consensus has been reached, I think this stands out as my favorite comment, courtesy of Mr Excitement [sic'd]:

if bosh was the one who went on to knee paul pierce, celtics would have pulled the wheelchair.

Whatever the case, I do find Pierce’s post-dunk “thug mug” humorous.