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I imagine Grizzlies fans all over the globe are salivating at the idea of adding Mr. Mayo’s talents to their roster in November. For now, they’ll have to settle for the NBA Summer League highlights, one of which, ESPN was nice enough to provide. Welcome to the NBA-lite, O.J. Next stop, the regular season:

Apparently, this is being considered one of the best dunks since the summer fun began, which explains why ESPN is was offering to share the video of it. Besides showing Mayo’s ability off, the video also makes me hold out hope other professional sports leagues are learning that highlight videos appearing on blogs do nothing but help the popularity of the sport. If Roger Goodell, Major League Baseball and the IOC are so worried about advertising revenue, they can always put ads in the videos.

I’m mean, the NBA has embraced Internet technologies and they even found a way to monetize their YouTube videos. Why should it be so different for the other leagues who are less supportive of these mediums? What does David Stern know the other commissioners don’t?

Oh well, I’m digressing.

Odenized also has the video if you’d rather support the blogosphere as opposed to the Disney machine.