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The Spurs beat the Hornets last night, earning their right to advance to the Western Conference Finals where they will face Kobe and the Lakers. What did we learn last night? The Spurs are really, really hard to beat when they hit 3-point shots (12-28); the Hornets are probably are year or two away, although I’m not sure if Peja Stojakovic can be counted on. After opening up with good back-to-back performances, the Serbian guard allowed himself to be shutdown for the rest of the series.

Tony Parker

If Chris Paul is going to climb the NBA throne many suspect he will, he’s going to need a more reliable shooting guard.

We also learned the Spurs do indeed have the heart of a champion and that if you are going to take their title, you have to finish them off when you have the chance; something the Hornets did not do, losing the last two games of the series. And while people seem to think the Spurs are boring and therefore, bad for basketball, I find it hard to criticize a team that’s so efficient.

Who cares if the Spurs are showtime or not? They win. Period. If that doesn’t deserve some begrudgingly given respect, I’m not sure what in the world of sports does.

Concerning the Lakers and Spurs, this seems to be a match-up of a team that plays great offense (Lakers) and a team that plays great defense (the Spurs). On one hand, we have Kobe and Lake-show, a team that’s been playing the best offensive basketball of the playoffs against the other hand — a team that’s just damn hard to eliminate.

Considering the playoff history between these teams, we should have a great Western Conference Championship series. As for the Hornets, well, there’s always next season — provided Peja can get his shot off when he’s being heavily guarded by a Bruce Bowen or a Manu Ginobili.