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Backed by a combined 62 points from Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and a 11 made 3-pointers (is Michael Finely STILL in the league?), the Spurs clawed their way back into their series with the Hornets with a 100-99 victory.


The Parker/Ginobili duo did just about everything in their power to counter a Hornets attack spearheaded by Chris Paul, who again showed brilliance beyond his experience by posting 35 points and 9 assists. Unfortunately for Paul, the only other Hornet to make an impact in the scoring column was David West.

Peja, where were you (8 total points)?

While the Spurs did hit shots and Ginobiliparker played brilliantly, you get the feeling the Hornets are still in control of the series and not just because they have a 2-1 lead. San Antonio had to shoot almost 50% from beyond the arc (11-25) to win this game, something that doesn’t happen on a game-in, game-out basis. As for the Hornets, they only shot 2-11 from downtown.

The questions for the Spurs are these: will they have to rely on 62 points and 17 assists from Ginobiliparker just to beat the Hornets? How about 3-point shooting? Can they expect to keep hitting at the rate they did last night or will they revert back to their outside ineptitude they displayed in Games 1 and 2?

Unfortunately, because of some stupid TV scheduling considerations, we won’t find out UNTIL SUNDAY, a fact that brings up another interesting point — Do NBA teams REALLY need almost three days off between games or did the league set it up this way so the defending champs can get plenty of rest between contests?

Whatever the case, these two teams should be playing again on Saturday. Hell, Game 4 isn’t even on ABC; a fact that makes this ridiculous two-and-half day wait seem all the more like bad planning (or favorable scheduling for the defending champs).