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LeBron and KG

Because they like to stretch everything for TV scheduling purposes, there is only one NBA Playoff game tonight, but it should be a good one. Celtics/Cavs. Who ya got? King James and his fellow LeBrons or the Three-party from Beantown? Can the Celtics find a way to derail the force of nature that is LeBron? Can the Cavaliers hope to stop the Big Three as well as Boston’s underrated role players?

But wait, even more questions surround this series. For the Cavs:

Will LeBron’s teammates give him the necessary support it will take to beat a team like the Celtics? Can they mimic the Atlanta’s youthful attacking style with dribble penetration (one the Hawks only employed in Atlanta it seems) while a Joe Johnson-type waits in the wings to deliver dagger shots to the Celtics defense? Does Anderson Varejao, Ben Wallace and Big Z stand a chance against Garnett? Will the Cavaliers big men be so focused on stopping KG, giving players like Kendrick Perkins and Big Baby Davis the opportunity for big games?

Can Daniel Gibson or Delonte West contain Rajon Rondo or will they need a Marvin Williams to back them up? Who’s going to guard Paul Pierce? If it’s LeBron, will he have enough left in the tank later on in the series to be effective? What about Ray Allen? Who’s got him?

As you can see, there are a number of questions for Mike Brown and his Cavaliers to address if they are going to win the series. Conversely, there is only one for Boston (broken down into multiple levels):

Will they or can they stop LeBron James? What kind of defense will they play against him? Will they let him score and stop the rest (easier said than done) or will they double-team him, forcing him to give up the ball and allowing his teammates to make the winning buckets (again, easier said than done)? If they go man-up against LeBron, who gets this duty? Pierce (more than likely)?

Of course, the Celtics have James Posey off of the bench (probably for this very reason) but he’s a reserve and if you want him in to guard James, who are you going to take out? Rajon Rondo? Kendrick Perkins? Ray Allen?

OK, that’s enough questions for now, but these should provide you with some additional fodder as you watch this series that, once again, begins tonight at 8pm Eastern.