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Paul Pierce and LeBron James

Now that’s how you close out an Eastern Conference semi-final series — two great players going back and forth; neither wanting their teams to falter and both doing whatever they can to prevent it from happening. Just like Paul Pierce and LeBron James did yesterday afternoon. Both stars shined so brightly — Pierce had 41 points and James had 45 — they almost overshadowed key contributions from their teammates — players like P.J. Brown for the Celtics (P.J. BROWN?!?!?!?!) and Delonte’ West for the Cavs.

Speaking of P.J. Brown (really?), where would the Celtics be without his incredibly surprising 4th quarter scoring? His 10-point, 6-rebound performance was just as important as Pierce’s 41. While it was Pierce’s scoring explosion that put the Celtics in a position to win, Brown’s huge baskets in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter secured the series for Boston.

For the Cavaliers, it was all LeBron all of the time. The only other Cavalier to reach double figures was West, who finished with 15 — although he did have six turnovers. LeBron was so dominant and explosive, he single-handedly kept his team in the game during the 4th quarter and even pulled them to within one point after he stole the ball from Pierce and literally raced down the court, finishing with his normal flair. However, it was Pierce that got the better of the day, a point illustrated nicely here.

The Celtics advance to meet the (well-rested) Detroit Pistons with a trip to the NBA Finals on the line. As for the LeBron James gang, it would be an understatement to say — even after the much ballyhooed mid-season trade — the Cavaliers organization really needs some quality players to put around the face of their franchise.

If not, I’m sure Jay-Z will be ready to swoop in and help when LeBron’s contract expires.