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So what did we learn this weekend? The Hornets have no plans of making it easy on the Spurs. Yesterday, the Lakers just kind of skated by Utah, who was coming off their series clincher against Houston; a game played on Friday night.

Utah is probably really happy that Kobe shot a lot of free throws (21-23), which was only seven less than the entire Jazz team (22-30).

To the MVP goes the whistles.

We also learned Detroit is playing really good basketball right now but if they revert to their “switch-on, switch-off” mentality, the Magic will get right back in this series — depending on the outcome of the Dwight Howard hand injury.

And finally, we learned the Hawks and the Celtics really don’t like each other and provided these teams stay together, we might have ourselves another rivalry worth watching. Of course, the Hawks might want to concentrate on winning more than 37 regular season games next time. Oh and they might want to learn how to play on the road as well.

As a team, the Hawks managed just 12 road wins out of 41; a fact that leads to your team getting their brains kicked in when they have to play a Game 7 on the road. Oh well, at least they didn’t go down without some cheap, stupid, ejection-worthy fouls.

Right Marvin Williams?

Because one good deed doesn’t go unpunished (and seemingly because of their “history”), Kevin Garnett made sure the Hawks and Zaza Pachulia got a little taste of their own medicine:

Ah, now these are the playoffs I remember… well, kind of I guess. If this was taking place during the 1980s, as Ray Allen was running to Rondo’s aid, he probably would’ve belted Williams in mouth.