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This is something I think Mulder and Scully could get behind:

The Truth
Image courtesy of Bill Greene/Globe Staff Photo

Ah yes, the celebration of Boston’s 17 was yesterday and it looks like a good time was had by all. What did we learn? Well, for one, we learned the ladies love Brian Scalabrine:

Scalabrine Girl
Image courtesy of Stephan Savoia/AP Photo

Being a wise-cracking bench player apparently has its advantages. We also learned, thanks to Barstool Sports, Celtics fans (and Boston fans in general) spare no expense or effort when it comes to celebrating their city’s championships. From an email received by the fine folks at BSS:

…A couple of us yell him to semi-consciousness and she sort of climbs over him. Some nice citizen (not me) asks him where he’s going and he responds LOWELL (we’re on the Newburyport train)… so someone gets the conductor who wakes him again and tells him he’s on the wrong train… all he does is hold a fist in the air and mumble “Go Celtics” then passes out again… There is NO WAY this guy made it home.

Well, I do hope he made it home OK without being robbed or anything else that starts with “R.” Don’t you ever change, Boston fans. Not ever.