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Sad Celtics

So what if I told you the Boston Celtics held the Lakers under 90 points and only allowed two double-digit scorers. You’d probably think Boston would win a game like that. But what if I told you that while Ray Allen had a brilliant game, the remaining two of the Big Three — Garnett and Pierce — combined to shoot 8-35? Who do you think would win a game like that?

If you said the Lakers, you’d be correct.

Riding the MVP-like play of Kobe Bryant (36 points, 10 in the 4th quarter) and the timely shooting of Sasha Vujacic (20 points, 3-5 from behind the arc), the Lakers cut the Boston series lead to one game by winning Game 3, 87-81. The Lakers also won the battle of the boards and out shot the Celtics from the free throw line. With that in mind, hopefully, all this crap about free throw disparities is done.

I did notice something and perhaps I missed it from the previous games, but after last night’s victory, Stephen A. Smith had a one-on-one interview with Kobe Bryant (apparently, Stephen A. is on his way to becoming Ahmad Rashad to Bryant’s Michael Jordan). Did ESPN interview any of the Celtics in such a manner after their victories? If so, please let me know because I certainly didn’t see it.

If they did, I stand corrected but if not, is ESPN now in the business of playing favorites outright? Whatever the case, Game 3 is Thursday night. Will the Celtics be able to respond from letting one slip away or will they take confidence in the fact that even with their Big Three performing like a Big Zero — except for Ray Allen — they still almost won the game?