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NBA Finals T

When the NBA Finals get underway tonight, adidas’ ever-growing influence on NBA attire will be on display for all to see. Not only does the three-striped shoe company outfit the NBA’s warm up gear, starting tonight, they will also be supplying the NBA Finals shooter shirts, which can be had by you, the endearing public for only $32. Um, I thought the economy was bad. Obviously I or adidas was mistaken, because nothing else explains why people are expected to drop almost $50 (after shipping and handling) for a t-shirt. It’s the NBA Finals, not concert gear from a band looking to reap some kind of financial reward for their efforts.

Nevertheless, if you had a shoe company, what position would you rather be in? The one outfitting the NBA or the one who is still riding Michael Jordan’s incredibly long coattails?

H/t to Darren Rovel’s Twitter for the find.