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Kevin Garnett

It’s funny how people perceive things. Take Kevin Garnett for instance. When the Celtics secured their 17th title Tuesday night, the Big Ticket was, in all likelihood, the one Celtic who celebrated the loudest and with the most emotion. Considering the way he approaches the game of basketball, this is certainly understandable.

However, while perusing the feed reader, I noticed not everybody reacted to Kevin’s apparent glee (relief?) with the same sense of appreciation. The moment under scrutiny takes place during his post-game interview with Michelle Tafoya (I hope this blog meets your level of expectation, Michelle). During his ramblings of happiness, Garnett let out a long yell, saying “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!” Check the video below:

Thanks to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, an idea was hatched intimating Garnett’s exclamation was a marketing nod for his main sponsor, adidas. The adidas catchphrase is “Impossible is Nothing.” This idea was perpetuated by Brooks over at SbB, who seems to move past Rovell’s implication, settling at full-fledged belief:

What makes it so funny is Garnett took a good 20 seconds to gather himself before blurting out the wrong phrase. Makes you wonder just how many takes his absurdly elaborate Adidas spots have taken over the years.

I’ve always appreciated what Brooks brings to the table and thanks to Fark, I’ve always been fond of his selection of models. However, in this situation, I think Brooks misses the mark. I honestly think Garnett was simply releasing some pent up emotion and it *may* have come out with some marketing slogan influence attached.

On the other side of the fence, we have Slate’s take on Garnett’s celebratory yell and they seem to share my opinion on the matter — his celebration was a legitimate release of euphoria:

Garnett has since left his losing ways behind and helped engineer the biggest turnaround in NBA history, turning the Celtics from a laughingstock to a champion. Tuesday night, it became clear that—just like losing did—winning has made Kevin Garnett completely insane. In perhaps the strangest postgame interview of the television era, an ecstatic KG talked, shouted, and raved for two and a half minutes in the general direction of ABC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya.

From Slate’s perspective, they didn’t seem to find anything self-serving in Garnett’s interview. In fact, they didn’t even mention the potential adidas tie-in.

Like I said in this post’s title, perception is a funny thing.