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Ethan over at SECFootballBlogger and NESWsports sent me a heads-up about this and I’m not sure what to make of it. Apparently, the fan in the video got ejected because he was making comments related to gambling and the ref, Joe Forte, overheard and was not pleased.

The fan set up a YouTube page explaining his side of things, complete with the vid-cap of him getting escorted out. However, you cannot hear what’s being said between the fan and Forte. Take a look for yourself:

The YouTuber responsible for the upload offered a long explanation on the video page, offering an explanation of what we are watching:


referee(with no hesitation): THATS NOT FUNNY!THATS NOT FUNNY!YOUR OUTTA HERE!!

Next, he repeatedly blows his whistle and signals for a red suited security guard to eject me from the game!(you can see the worst GM of all time Elgin Baylor in the backround). then the nba lead security questions me in the tunnel for 10 minutes and writes a report for league officials to investigate. he then takes my tickets and orders 10 red suited security guards to throw me out of the arena immediately(which is not shown on camera).

He goes on to say he’s seeking legal satisfaction and is planning on suing the NBA, although, perhaps this is just said poster being flippant:

[FOLLOW UP]- i am currently seeking legal actions against the clippers, the NBA, and commissioner David Stern.

i’m seeking a $2.11 Billion lawsuit for fraud, gambling conspiracy, extortion, discrimination, pain and suffering,punitive damages, and a $10.50 New Castle.

Um, that’s Newcastle… Considering the timing of this, I’d say someone’s getting their April Fool’s Day on a little early.