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NBA Draft

The NBA Draft was last night if you couldn’t tell, and what did we learn? The Chicago Bulls talked themselves out of a scoring post player for a homegrown guard. Not that Derrick Rose is a bad pick, not at all. However, the Bulls already have a glut of guards (none as dynamic as Rose, admittedly) but are sorely lacking in the post-scoring department.

We also learned the Portland Trail Blazers aren’t afraid to shop multiple deals and players to get what they want. When the NBA Draft smoke cleared, the Blazers wound up with Jerryd Bayless (who looked a little down about being traded to Portland) and Nicolas Batum. However, during the evening, Portland at one point held the rights to Darrell Arthur and Brandon Rush.

As for the Charlotte Bobcats, the one thing we learned is Michael Jordan, while being the best NBA player ever, has no business running a basketball team. Passing on Brook Lopez for D.J. Augustin is almost as questionable as the Kwame Brown pick. It’s not that Augustin is an overrated player. In fact, he does possess a skill-set that could make him a great NBA point guard (provided he plays defense) but the Bobcats needed a legitimate center to pair with Emeka Okafor more than Larry Brown needs a point guard to abuse.

Brook Lopez is such a center and the Bobcats inexplicably passed.

Speaking of the higher-drafted Lopez twin, his new team, the New Jersey Nets, may have had the best draft last night. They acquired the aforementioned Lopez twin, Ryan Anderson and Chris Douglas-Roberts. By the way, it is criminal CDR fell this far (he was drafted in the second round). I have a strong feeling he’ll be one of the players people will look back on and say, “damn, how the hell did we overlook him?”

This thinking especially applies to teams like Boston, Chicago and the Orlando Magic. CDR is better than Sonny Weems, Courtney Lee and J.R. Giddens. Passing on him for these other guards seems like really, really poor judgment. Just ask Kevin Love.

Did I mention there were trades last night? There were. An absolute ton. Speaking of, it really looks like Houston was just making trades for making trades sake. They could’ve used a player like Darrell Arthur (whose fall was pretty ridiculous as well) to pair with Yao but after they traded to acquire Arthur’s rights, they traded him for a lesser player in Donte Greene.

OK, this is a good stopping point because there is just so much information to digest from last night. I’ll be back with more, seeing how it’s Friday and there is no Euro 2008 on today.