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Beasley or Rose

Pop quiz: Let’s say you have the number one pick in the NBA Draft and your team can use a player that has prototypical big man skills, meaning he can step out on the court and shoot and he can finish in the paint with each hand. But lets also say there’s an explosive guard available, one who looks like he’ll be a keeper in this league for a long, long time. What do you?

Welcome to the dilemma of the Chicago Bulls and their new coach, Vinny Del Negro. Who will the Bulls select? Beasley or Rose? The thing is, you can make a case for either player being in Chicago. The Bulls (and just about every other team in the NBA) would love to have a 6-10 player with Michael Beasley’s skill set. It’s not often you find a big man who can do the things Beasley does with little-to-no effort. He can play in the post and is capable of finishing with both hands around the rim. He can also rebound and he can take his defender out on the perimeter and embarrass them.

All-in-all, it sounds like Beasley’s a surefire top pick. While there are some issues about his maturity level, his talent in undeniable.

As for Derrick Rose, if the Bulls select him, they’ll be securing the rights to a guard that looks as explosive as any that’s entered the league. He’s incredibly quick and incredibly fast in the open court. He’s also as strong as an ox and can finish at the rim in traffic against bigger defenders. In addition, when Rose uses his strength and quickness against defending guards, he’s almost unstoppable in the sense he can get anywhere on the floor he wants to go.

While Rose may not be as offensively polished as Beasley, his talent level, like his K-State counterpart, is also undeniable. If he can overcome the questions related to his outside shooting, Rose will be an All-Star type of talent for many years to come. So with that, who ya got? Who would you pick if you were the Chicago Bulls? Beasley or Rose?

Thankfully, we’ll find out Thursday. Until then, Chicago, you are on the clock.

I’ll be live-blogging the NBA Draft, so feel free to drop by and fuss about who your team picked.