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The NBA is launching a new set of playoff commercials, featuring some famous plays from the past. Not content to let the plays speak for themselves, the NBA’s video production staff waved their magic wand of technology and editing to appeal to the next generation of fans. I’m normally not one to mess with classics, be it movies — no remakes — or lesser bands doing covers of great songs, but in this case, the NBA did not ruin an already good thing.

They actually made these immortal plays even cooler — and yes, that’s a technical term. Currently, these videos are making the blog rounds as I type, but I couldn’t pass up talking about them. The NBA did a nice job with these as they continue their strong postseason marketing blitz. Here’s another video from their new campaign:

I’ll see this for David Stern and company: They may not be consistent with their refereeing and as we get farther into the playoffs, their scheduling sucks. They are, however, doing a bang-up job of marketing their product. From the “Amazing” clips to this new batch, the NBA does indeed know how to capture the “it” that makes the Playoffs so damn appealing.