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Dan Le Batard

From Dan Le Batard’s perspective, Shaq’s potential trade to Phoenix (still waiting on the physical) makes sense for all parties. In fact, the Miami Sound Machine feels the move could rejuvenate Shaq’s offensive attack:

O’Neal either wasn’t quick or healthy enough to get away from the double-teams here anymore. That won’t be a problem the way Phoenix plays. O’Neal has gone from trying to play in an airplane bathroom here to playing in the open space of the airplane hangar — if he’s healthy enough to keep up with a team that plays as if on jet fuel.

The question is, how much faith does Phoenix have in Shaq’s legs? The pairing of Amare Stoudemire and O’Neal will, almost by default, free up the paint some for both to maneuver. And when you have a player like Steve Nash delivering the ball, well, even you and I would be pretty good.

So again, it comes down to this: is Shaq healthy enough to contribute in this manner? The physical will tell a great deal.