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Mickael Pietrus

I think I have a bone to pick with Orlando Magic guard Mickael Pietrus. Yesterday, word got around that the man who will be guarding Kobe Bryant would be switching shoes from Kobe’s Zoom IVs to a pair of Air Jordans — rightfully so considering the match up. Now, it appears as if Pietrus is having trouble sticking to his decision as it’s being reported Pietrus will indeed be wearing Kobe’s shoes when the NBA Finals tip off tonight. Is this an example of the French surrendering again or did Nike offer him some incentive to wear Kobe’s Zooms? Something like, “Imagine this Mickael. You shutting Kobe down while wearing his shoes. You’ll be the talk of the town, Frenchie, and if you win, we might just make a Pietrus edition.”

France jokes aside, I will be a little miffed if Pietrus does decides to wear Kobe’s brand, if, for nothing else, because I made that kick-ass graphic yesterday.