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There is definitely a new, extremely talented Jordan in the world of basketball. It’s not Michael Jordan.  It’s Jordan McCabe.  Mind you, this one is destined for the NBA if he plays his cards right. If, for some reason the NBA is not his final destiny, the Harlem Globetrotters could present a fall-back position for Jordan McCabe.

He was recently featured on a “The Little Heroes” segment on KOMO News Television out of Seattle, Washington.  Watch the sick-mad skills on this youngster, at the tender young age of 12-years old, and yes, persevere through the 15-second lead-in.  It’s worth it.

If you watch the whole segment, you realize that this kid isn’t just about performing unchallenged ball-handling exhibitions to wow onlookers.  Jordan McCabe joined a pick-up basketball with people well in advance of his age and performed quite well, sharing the rock, dishing assists, and scoring when he had an open look (and sometimes even when he didn’t have an open look).

Jordan McCabe and family moved to the Seattle area from Wisconsin about 8-months ago.  He was taught the fundamentals of basketball under the watchful eye and expert tutelage of both his father and grandfather.  It wasn’t long before his study and practice of the game of basketball became a near obsession.

With 2 hours of daily practice and a health & fitness regimen that will likely end more than a few New Year’s resolutions among those recently liberated from their sofas, Jordan McCabe can:

- Shoot and score from pretty much anywhere on the hardwood.

- No-look pass like Steve Nash or Jason Kidd.

- Dribble and ball-handle so skillfully that Fred “Curly” Neal would give him a standing ovation.

Jordan McCabe isn’t a new story though.  This talented boy has been performing like this for years.  He’s been seen as the “halftime show” at several college basketball games, most recently at the December 6th, 2010 game between the Washington Huskies and Portland Pilots (the Huskies won 94-72).  He’s been seen on ESPN highlight reels.

Here’s hoping that he doesn’t become a side-show circus, he stays on the straight-and-narrow, and stays in school and does well.  I want to be able to watch this talented youngster deploy those skills in both college and pro basketball some day.