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NBA TV Melanie

Yesterday, the fellows at BustedCoverage.com found and displayed some images from NBA TV’s Melanie Collins’ youth. There about what you’d expect in this day and age. Images of her partying and, well, enjoying the company of another female’s posterior. Needless to say, when titillating images of an attractive sports personality are discovered, sites with mass appeal tend to take notice. Melanie’s youthful indiscretions are no different.

Unfortunately, Collins doesn’t seem to appreciate the surprise attention, and used her Twitter account to relay her thoughts — there I go Twitter-stalking again — through the voice of Robert Montgomery Knight. Yes, Collins used Bobby Knight’s “kiss my ass” quote to explain her reaction. Considering one of the pictures in question, her response is quite fitting.

NBA TV Melanie

A word of advise for Collins, however: Your quote says “I hope they bury me upside down…” Knight, on the other hand, actually said, “I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass!” Nevertheless, the message from Melanie concerning those images is clear: If you don’t like them, or me for that matter, you can suck it.

Again, a fitting response when you consider the subject matter of one of the images in question.