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The disappointing year of Tracy McGrady came to a merciful end today when the Houston G/F indicated he’d be getting microfracture surgery to try and repair the issues he’s been having with his knee; something that’s caused McGrady to miss almost 20 games already. The news, however, seems to come as a surprise to the Houston Chronicle, a publication that’s obviously tired of McGrady’s “act.”

In fact, the Rockets scribes have changed McGrady’s description from “act” to “diva,” while doubting his competitive spirit. Completely:

Competitor? Please.

Now comes word that McGrady is done for the season, facing micro-fracture surgery, which will truly give him an up-close view of what it means to be a competitor if he wants to re-claim his career. Other players who have had micro-fracture surgery – Amar’e Stoudemire, Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, to name a few – have needed more than a year of recovery to get back close to form.

Does McGrady have that in him – the drive, the dedication, the relentless hours of working to get back everything that used to come so easy?

They also question the need — and the timing — of the microfracture decision:

Last week, McGrady said he was not even considering surgery. He and the Rockets said his MRI showed no changes. He had not improved, but neither had anything gotten worse. He had been playing. He was feeling better, talking openly about how he had turned the corner. He said his missed dunk in Milwaukee, part of his 1-for-9 night, was because of a mental, rather than physical issue.

Doctor after doctor said that McGrady could play and would grow stronger if he did. McGrady said nothing had changed in his condition. Now he needs microfracture surgery?

Did the trade rumors influence McGrady’s decision any? Or did that missed dunk before the All Star break?

Considering he did this to Tryus Thomas about five days before he got stuffed by the rim, it’s pretty doubtful:

With that in mind, it’s also obvious McGrady is not the same player he’s been in past seasons. Be it the lingering knee or something else entirely, McGrady looks like a shell of his former self. If the microfracture surgery can help him reclaim his level of individual excellence, then it makes sense to have the procedure done. Of course, the recovery time for microfracture surgery is a year or longer, meaning if he does have the surgery done, we probably won’t see him on the court until after next year’s All Star break.

I can imagine the Houston media won’t be too pleased with that, but what about McGrady’s employers? Considering the Vince-for-Tracy rumor that was going around, where does this put the Rockets organization now? No team is going to want a player scheduled to have his knee cut on when it comes to making a trade; which puts the ball back in Houston’s court. Do they stand by their man until he’s healthy and then try to deal him again or do they give him another opportunity to prove his worth?