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T-Mac Ticker

As pointed out by 100%InjuryRate over at FanIQ, it appears as if the Houston media isn’t too pleased with Tracy McGrady’s decision to take the next few weeks off so he can rest his surgically-repaired knee.

While the Houston Chronicle’s position is understandable, their use of an injury ticker detailing McGrady’s absence is what makes this story click for me. It’s a funny, if not slightly petty look at T-Mac’s contributions to the Rockets this season, including how much money his injury is costing the team. The ticket also comes complete with a link to an verbal lashing of McGrady from Richard “Buford T” Justice.

Oddly enough, even though Justice is disappointed in McGrady’s handling of the “one week, no three” situation, he recommends McGrady take even more time off if he can’t play on the perimeter like he is/was capable.

And he should not return until he can do the things he’s supposed to do. He’s a wing player. He’s not a post player.

If he thinks he’s going to be a post player, he’s going to be far less valuable to the Rockets. So if his left knee won’t allow him to run the pick-and-roll, he should take a few more weeks off.

He then goes on to say the Rockets are at the mercy of McGrady’s schedule. However, the most ironic part of Justice’s tome is when he ends by saying the Rockets won’t be in the playoffs long without the T-Mac of old. Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but the primary knock on Tracy McGrady is he’s never been beyond the first round of the playoffs, correct?

Perhaps Justice should focus his hopes on Artest and Yao. Maybe those two will do what McGrady hasn’t been able to.