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ESPN Experts

Apparently, the only ESPN “expert” who learned anything from last series is Henry Abbot. Granted, it’s easy to see why the Lakers’ bandwagon is full, especially after they corrected whatever it was that bothering them enough to dispatch the Nuggets, a team many thought were better than the Lakers in the first three games of the series. Obviously, that thinking was proven to be incorrect, but doesn’t Orlando deserve a little more love for the way they man-handled Team LeBron — a series that was one crazy shot away from being a sweep? Would the Lakers have handled the Cavaliers with the same relative ease the Magic did? With that in mind, doesn’t Orlando’s dominance over Cleveland weigh in when it’s time to make series predictions?

Only if your name is Henry Abbot, apparently.

In defense of ESPN’s group, those who picked the Lakers did so in six-or-seven game series fashion, which is about as close to a toss-up as these guys will admit to, apparently. The issue seems to be around Jameer Nelson and the question marks about his availability. Nelson absolutely owned the Lakers in the two regular season games, and his absence apparently looms. Where this level of foreboding and worries about the Magic’s inability to win big games without him was against Cleveland, I’m not sure — oh wait, yes I am — but if you are wondering why the Lakers are ESPN’s choice, look no further than Jameer Nelson

Or a lack thereof.